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DE30F Dummy: Golubica 10 Code: BAMA License: Like Last Name: Weapon Company: Topiland Address: Somewhere City: Somewhere Email: License ID: It lets you specify the medium that you want to burn onto and conforms the file to that size. If I can get it to work, this will be the best program I have found.

What you need is DVD2onex, an amazing program. Really the only software to use for working with dvd folders. For more information on this topic you could check out the mac video forum at: Now, to be cheap, I wonder if there is less expensive program than this one.

Quality is amazing unless you push it too hard like trying to fit two 8gig DVDs on one 4gig DVD-R - still watcheable by the way but obviously not as good as the original. Dvd20nex is shareware so you can download it from their page and try it out. It will process the first 30 minutes of your movie exactly like it does the full thing so you can see the quality for yourself. Then if you decide to buy it you are just paying for the serial number that you enter from the program. I'd give it a try and see what you think.

The development of this was pretty amazing, this program existed for windows first. Then under pressure from the mac community, especially those at the dvdrhelp. He was able to put out a fully working program for os x in just a matter of weeks. If you were trying to do what this program does before it came out, you needed several different programs and many many hours of waiting for all the different steps to complete. Encoding takes a long time, but you can just let it run overnight.

I got ripped off. Encoding takes a long time? I don't think so. OpenShiiva defaults to the XviD codec which produces great quality at the cost of slow encoding. The 3ivX codec is almost as good and twice as fast at similar settings. Now tell me: How can OpenShiiva be slow when it encodes in real time? Well, Mr, most people don't have a dual G5 processor to achieve that real-time speed. Think about it. If anyone is interested in my kickass parameter list to encode a. XviD has superceded libavcodec mpeg4 for a while now since api I also use mencoder 3 pass, but encode lame mp3 audio manually because I can use a52dec to normalize the ac3 file.

XviD 1. I've been using OSex for ripping and Diva for encoding with the 3ivx encoder. I've had great results; no sync problems with video and audio. I found the info useful to a certain extent, but I need to encode video for the web from an unencrypted DVD. I've used just about everything that versiontracker could cough up. The only bummer is that you would have to download the 3ivx plugin to view a web movie and I'm trying to avoid making web visitors do that. D-Vision has a great interface and the cropping tools work great--ffmpegX's cropping tools didn't work for me at all.

Anyone know of an app out there that can do all that? The latest version of the 3ivx codec is somehow different from the previous version in that QuickTime 6 correctly identifies 'new' 3ivx movies as MPEG-4, and can play them without whining about the codec. It always could, but for some reason never "knew" that it could before. I wonder if anyone knows how to transcode DVDs into. Have you tried using OpenShiiva yet? Simpson, this is the most blatant case of fraudulent advertising since my suit against the film The NeverEnding Story.

Here is the fastest most consistent method I have found for making good quality backups of DVDs: Make sure you have the 3ivx driver installed. Use mAC3dec to convert the audio portion of the rip. Combine the audio and video created in steps with Quicktime. After doing this, I usually generate a. If yo need smaller size files, you could import into iMovie and break them up or break it up into smaller pieces when you rip wit OSEx.

I use DVDs to back up the movie file so this is not a big issue for me, but it may be for others. Handbrake does all of these steps in one app, but it is about times slower. Good Luck. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. The purpose of this post is to explain how to take a DVD and transcode it to Divx. A DVD has 4. The equivalent movie in Divx is about 1. This allows you to take a number of movies in your hard drive on your laptop to view on a long plane trip.

Thus you avoid carrying your valuable DVDs and thus prevent demage to them. What drove me to do the solution presented here? I tried finding comercial software for the Mac to do this and I could not find any. There are a number of comercial packages for Windows and some Open source options for Linux, however. The solution that I found for the Mac is a combination of packages. The solution works well, but it was a lot of work to find the right software and putting all together. The DVDBackup program comes with some good documentation. Make sure you read it and follow the steps.

This is described in the DVDBackup documentation. Now back to our transcoding project. The installation documentation may seem cryptic, but if you follow the steps, you will end up with a working ffmpeg. The documentation is on the website. My preferred format is MPEG4[. AVI] mencoder under the Video tab. The other tabs Audio, Filters, Options and Tools may have features that you need for your partucular application of the tool. Make sure you read the documentation. Transcoding is a long process and it can take two hours or more.

When it is done, you will end up with a file called movie. You will notice that QuickTime will not play the file. You need todo one of two options: Get the free Divx codec for QuickTime from divx. QuickTime with Divx is not as smooth. Final comments It may be a quit a bit of work to get the software installed and configured properly. I can't stress it enough, read the documentation very carefully.

There are many little details that are hidden in the documentation. Once every thing is installed, transcoding is a piece of cake. This was done on a 12" Powerbook with OS X A previous hint described in less detail another method of transcoding video. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.