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I use I had to execute set up from drivers folder to make it work. I installed win7profesional x A message apperared: This bootcamp can work on this computer. Te MBP is new so I used bootcamp 4. Great help even I had to install around this!!

If you are on Windows, you can open that file using notepad. All of the steps work perfectly except that when I run setup. Which version of Windows are you using? Win 7 or Win 8? Is it 32bit or 64bit? The last time I checked the file sometime ago, there were a couple of entries to download the package. Maybe you could try another package?

OS X Lion requires Windows 7 for Boot Camp | Computerworld

Also, this is specific to Bootcamp 4. If you are using another version, this may not work. We can probably help you if you can give some more information into what your configuration is. Ignore this.

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I got the following 2 entries on searching: I downloaded the latter one because it seemed to me to be more recent. Notice the So download it — its about Megs and if you are in India like me — it will take about 20 — 30 mins for it to complete. Double click on the pkg file and it will install basically unzip files at a place of your choosing. This will the mount a virtual drive on your system. Open Finder and click on: Copy paste all the files on a USB pen drive.

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Reboot into Windows 7 if you have already installed it Double click on Setup. By Saurabh Jain. How to disable 3G on your Samsung Omnia W. You might also like. Comments 17 Sam 7 years ago — Reply. Ahmad 7 years ago — Reply.

OS X Lion requires Windows 7 for Boot Camp

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Boot Camp will then ask to confirm that you want to continue, since your flash drive will be formatted to FAT and everything on it will be deleted. When the process is finished it should take less than 10 minutes , open your flash drive to check that the files have been copied over. It should look something like what's in the screenshot below. Now that you're finished with the Windows 10 installer, it's time to create a separate partition on your hard drive to run Windows 10 on.

Luckily, you can easily create this partition using Boot Camp Assistant as well. This time, instead of checking the top two boxes when selecting tasks, just check the box next to "Install Windows 7 or later version" and hit "Continue. On the next window, you'll be asked to select the size of the partition for Windows. While you can choose any size, Apple recommends anything above 30 GB if you're installing Windows for the first time, or 40 GB if you're updating Windows.

I'll be selecting 50 GB just to be safe. Once you're ready to create the partition, click on "Install. Once your Mac boots up, your screen will show a Windows logo; just wait a few minutes while it loads. Select the language in which you want to install Windows 10, click "Next," and finally click on "Install now. On the Windows Setup page, select "Custom: Install Windows only advanced " from the two options available.

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After Windows 10 installs, you'll be asked to select your settings, sign in to your Microsoft account, set up a PIN, and more, just like you would if you were setting up a Windows computer. When you're finished setting it up, you'll be able to use Windows 10 and take advantage of all the new features, including the redesigned Start Menu, the voice-assistant Cortana, and Microsoft's brand new Edge web browser.

Whenever you want to switch between OS X and Windows, simply turn off your computer and hold down on the Option Alt key while booting it back up. This will bring up the Startup Manager, where you can select the partition you want to boot. If you have that issue, you can either connect an Ethernet cable to connect to your network, or you can choose your Wi-Fi network from the Startup Manager when selecting the Windows 10 partition.

If you want to remove the Windows partition from your Mac for good, you can easily do so through Disk Utility.