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You can have messages with multiple labels, so they can appear referenced in all the right places. Similarly, the threading and retention features make it easier to find messages subsequently. Unfortunately, IMAP was not built with these workflows in mind. To provide compatibility, and as a general way to think about the implementation, Gmail exposes the labels to IMAP clients as "folders. So back to the suggestions above. The net effect of the way the referenced support article is written is that when you hit "delete" on your keyboard in OS X, with the configurations listed above, your computer will remove the message from the local inbox as if you deleted it.

On Gmail, the "Inbox" label gets removed, which moves the message effectively into the "All mail" folder so it is archived persistently. Changing the settings in OS X Mail will alter this behavior; for example, some people want "Delete" to mean "Delete" on their desktop and those messages then move into the Trash group on gmail and are deleted within 30 days. I'll note though that this setup is generally non-standard, even in the iOS ecosystem. You'll notice on iOS 8 that the default setup for marking messages is to move them into the Archive as opposed to the Trash.

So long story short, yes, I use the settings specified in the referenced support article and am quite happy with them. Page content loaded. Sep 28, 2: Get used to that, Gmail is non standard, it was built as a simple method of harvesting data from you for sale to advertisers. Good luck. Sep 30, 6: Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question.

User profile for user: FJ FJ Whether or not to sync the "All Mail" folder , so I'd like to get some advise on the following items: Since I have K messages, it seems silly to sync it, but the advice out there is contradictory. And, much of it says this setting for "All Mail" is crucial for Gmail to function properly.

You will see the new mail account appear under the Inbox icon. If you continue to have problems with the account creation, first try changing the settings to use the SSL settings as indicated in the email settings article. Hi this article is helpful for those setting up a new email account with Mac Mail.

IMAP vs POP3 - How to Email in the 21st Century

However what steps would I have to take to update an existing domain email on Mac Mail after I point my old hosting site's dns servers to Inmotion? Do I just go to Preferences and change the incoming server settings somewhere? Good Afternoon! I just added my hosted email through MacMail and the Inbox populated, but there is no way for me to add folders, etc.

The mailbox isn't listed on the side bar with all of the subfolders like my other email accounts. Did I set it up incorrectly or is there a way to enable this? Thank you! I have retained a low speed TWC internet connection which I don't use with the intent to keep my existing socal. I have an imac with OS I can't even figure out how to access the outgoing Mail settings to see if I can somehow change it to a mobile-smtp or similar setting in order to fix this.

How To Configure Mac mail

There must be a solution, because this is a real pain trying to reply to messages. These mac tutorials are useless to a yosemite Ive seen nothing current and my droid mail is working fine but the mac mail i cannot get smtp to work at all. All this is dated and none of these setting work right on a new platform mac. I have gmail account and my business account through inMotion set up. I am able to send and recieve messages however recently messages created in my business account and sent form my business account appear to the recipient with my gmail address.

I know this because replies come into my gmail inbox and not my business inbox. I did receive a message recently with regard to the verify authentication certificate that I may have not correctly accepted. Could that be the problem? How do I re-verify? I'm having trouble setting up an additional me.

Is it possible to do this or do I need to set up a gmail one and import the address to my mac email? Thanks Arnel. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I already have me. Do you know if it is possible to have 2 icloud email addresses under the one user? With Macmail on Mavericks I continually get a request for my password and when I type it in the new e-mail account will not connect.

Access Your Gmail Account Without Using a Browser

My issue turned out to be that my info, both that imported from email setup and a manual attempt, were using just my name in the user name box. This seems so obvious, but my name is my name domain. In the end, it works perfectly. Hello, We have had a couple of issues with people setting up an away message on their Mac Mail and having that message be sent out to everyone that has ever sent them an email.

What is the correct way to set up a Mac Mail away message so this doesn't happen. Yes that helps. It seems the crucial misstep that was taken in our office is the Apply to all messages, which is the highlighted response.

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Instead of the "don't apply" which will have it reply just to new messages coming in. But that is something I will take up with Apple. Why would anyone want to send a message to every single person that had ever sent them a message! Post a comment. Back to first comment top. Skip to Main Content Skip to Navigation. Education Channels. PrestaShop 1. Blackberry 1. Setting up Windows Live Mail 16, hits. Common 3rd party SMTP settings 6, hits. How to Set Up Mac Mail 42, hits. Outlook Leaving a copy of the message on the server using POP3 14, hits.

How to Setup Outlook for Mac 3, hits. Leaving a copy of an email message on the server using POP3 8, hits. Setting up the Opera Mail Client 1, hits. May 1, In the menu bar for Mail , scroll down and click on Add Account. Not recommended as the computer may sometimes "hunt" for the port. You will need to click on the checkbox where it says "Use SSL". Was this article helpful?

Yes No. Please answer the follwing questions to help us improve this article. Is the information out of date or inaccurate? Is the guide complete? Are there spelling or grammatical errors? Are there broken links on the page? Additonal Feedback One being hard and ten being easy. How easy were the instructions to follow?

How easy was it to find the guide you were looking for? Was your issues resolved?

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Will my old emails from my site from my old host before I switched to InMotion be wiped out locally by Apple Mail if I point Apple Mail to the InMotion webmail accounts which don't have the year history of emails, though now have the same email addresses associated to them? I do have the emails saved locally on my laptop presently.

Apple Mail is not designed to remove or merge accounts that are for the same email address. In fact, once you add the email address with InMotion, you should be able to drag-and-drop the old messages from your old account in Mail to the new account to preserve them all in one account. Then you can remove the old host's configuration from Mail to remove those old accounts. Hello Gary, Thank you for contacting us.

I recommend rotating your email settings. This will change your ports and test if that is possibly the issue. If your problems persist, I recommend reviewing the mail logs. If you are hosted on our servers, Live Support can help you with this. Otherwise, you will have to contact your mail host.

Thank you, John-Paul. Yes, the above guide is specifically for people using Mavericks OS. Here is a link to the official Apple guide titled: Mail Yosemite: Set up Mail with your email accounts. This can be the result of settings in your mail client.

If you're getting an authentication certificate issue, remember that if you're on a shared server, the SSL certificate is based on the server name not your domain name , so you will get the authorization message. When you're setting up the mail client, you are able to show the certificate.

You can also do this when you see the window pop up. You should be able to trust the certificate in order to stop that message from reappearing. If you continue to have the problem, then please provide us more information about your account, and we can investigate the issue further. Regards, Arnel C. Hello Christie, Thanks for the question and sorry for the problems with the email account.