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Later on, the Bishop and Deacon show up at Bernie's house during his poker night and Wanda's Week Off Jan 23 - Wanda spends time with the kids and considers having a child with Bernie. Bernie Mac, Ladies Man Nov 28 - When Wanda plans a play date for a group of kids, Bernie ends up winning over the moms for the afternoon and becoming defensive about his masculinity.

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Now You Got It Nov 14 - Bernie's desperate to get away to Vegas with his frineds, but Bryana's birthday and the germ infested children that it causes make it a difficulty. Here To Stay Dec 12 - Bernie realizes that the kids are here to stay, so he begins treating them differently. Wanda complains that Bernie is treating the kids like roomates and holds off sex from him until he Pilot Nov 14 - In the pilot, much to his chagrin, Bernie and Wanda are forced to take care of his sister's three children, Vanessa, Jordan, and Bryanna since she can no longer take care of them anymore.

Kelly's Heroes May 08 - No synopsis until episode airs. Sweet Home Chicago 1 May 15 - No synopsis until episode airs. Starting School Jan 02 - With the kids officially under Bernie's control, it's come time to find them schooling. He enrolls Bryana in a prestigious preschool, Jordan in Catholic school and Vanessa in public junior high.

A Christmas Story Dec 19 - The kids get a dog from the pound, thinking it will be the perfect present for Bernie. Jordan says that since he cannot play, he must come straight home, which causes Bernie to drop his rule. That night, Bernie sees Vanessa walking around and becomes more suspicious, saying he knows sick and that's not sick.

The next day, the guys are preparing for Operation: That afternoon, Vanessa accidentally let it slip, saying she's not sick , prompting Bernie to ask why she is avoiding school. Vanessa tells him the whole story Then, instead of being angry, he feels sorry for her and tells her to take it up with Wanda instead.

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As soon as the doorbell rings, it is Jordan and Mr. Martin A.

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Meanie, who both show up at Bernie's doorstep. Meanie tells him that Jordan and the others were both vandalizing his property. Jordan was the slowest but was also caught by Mr. Now realizing that Jordan deceived him into believing he was playing sports, he gets ready to set Jordan off. By the nighttime Jordan has given up his accomplices, Bernie called all their parents, letting them all know that, as punishment, they will all be cleaning Mr.

Meanie's house early in the morning. Wanda guesses he won't be walking home, but Bernie says he still will walk home, and for Vanessa, she will be going to school. The next morning, Jordan and the others are cleaning up Mr. Meanie's house. By now, the boys all hate Jordan for snitching on them and making their parents to take away their Cinderella VHS's from them and refuse to be his friends.

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Although Jordan says Bernie knows how to make a man talk, this statement does not change their opinion on him. At Damien, the kids all call Jordan a snitch and a rat for snitching on them, but they end up suffering from I-Don't-Know-What-It-Is Crying thoughts, Jordan asks Bryana what he was supposed to do, to which the youngest reply, "Lie".

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He believes that somebody put something in his locker. However, he finds nothing, to which he assumes that they're not as mad as he thought only to find somebody planted a rat picture on his back. Paul Parducci Coach. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

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