Mail doesn't support this on its own, but the CargoLifter plugin adds that functionality provided you're using a popular cloud storage provider like Dropbox, Skydrive, or countless others. We're big proponents for text expansion, but if you don't use it enough to justify having it run system-wide, Compose It is a Mail plugin that only works within mail. This means you can load it up with all kinds of custom email specific snippets that you don't have to worry about triggering elsewhere.

The 25 Best Productivity Apps for Mac in 2018

By default, Mail's quote reply system is very messy, and includes a ton of junk you don't usually want. QuoteFix makes it work better. So, when you're replying selected text in Mail it removes the original signature, deletes useless lines, and uses "bottom-posting" for the quote so your text appears above the quote instead of below. Since pretty much everyone out there is trying to spy on your email, you might want to encrypt your messages.

GPGMail is the easiest way to do that. With it installed, you just select the "OpenPGP" option, and it encrypts your messages for you directly in Mail. Mail certainly doesn't have nearly the amount of working plugins that Thunderbird has , but it's still a pretty solid and free email client. If you don't like the fact that Sparrow is out of active development, returning to Mail might not be as hard as you think. The A. Its smart sorting works well, you can schedule the sending of emails, save attachments straight into cloud apps, and even collaborate on emails with other people.

Also on the table for Mac and iPhone users is AirMail: The app also includes an integrated to-do list, which you can add emails too, giving you a rough approximation of the pinned items feature in Inbox. The A.

Tiny Tools

Filed to: Inbox by Gmail Filed to: Inbox by Gmail Inbox by Gmail Gmail email desktop mobile. Share This Story. A wide variety of apps can help you manage windows on Macs. Spectacle free lets you arrange windows with only keyboard shortcuts.

The Essential Mac Apps for

You can remove some on your own—press Command while clicking on menubar icons to rearrange or remove them from your menubar, when possible. Your normal menubar will then be as clean as you want. Whenever you want to view other menubar apps, click the Bartender icon to switch the menubar to your hidden icons. Wish there was a desktop app for Gmail, Google Docs, and the dozens of other web apps that power work today?

Add the link to a web app, its name, and a custom icon, and Fluid will make a standalone browser for that app. That lets you keep your favorite web apps pinned to your dock, a click away whenever you need them. Each app has its own cookies, so you could, say, have one Fluid Gmail app for your work email and another for your personal email. Fluid Price: On iOS, you can do something similar by saving a bookmark of a web app to your home screen.

Tap that icon to launch the web app in its own window, without Safari's address and tab bars. Or, on Windows and Linux, click Add to desktop in the Chrome browser's menu to save a standalone app of your favorite web apps. It makes a fake—virtual—computer on your Mac where you can install and run Linux, Windows, and older versions of macOS alongside your favorite Mac programs.

VirtualBox lets you do that for free, with a barebones virtualization tool. If you need to use Windows or Linux apps often, it's worth investing in the paid paid apps from Parallels and VMware. Lifehacker had trouble deciding between Parallels and VMware Fusion, and having used both, we feel the same. They're run virtual machines more efficiently than VirtualBox, are easier to use, and blend into your Mac with better support for keyboard shortcuts, TouchBar, and native devices. Parallels is more consumer focused and comes with a set of Mac utilities to clean up hard drive space and convert videos.

VMware come from a more professional background, with its server virtualization tools and VMware Workstation for PCs as some of the most popular virtualization software.

The Best Mac Productivity Software

To run Windows on a Mac, though, the best pick often depends on any sales that might be running, or whether you have an older version around that's eligible for an upgrade. Either one you pick, you'll get your old PC apps running on your Mac fairly easily. The best thing about working on an iPad or with full-screen apps on a Mac is the lack of distractions. There are no windows poking out behind your current window, tempting you to check Twitter and switch songs in Spotify.

HazeOver is the next best thing. Duet Display can turn any iPhone or iPad into a second touchscreen for your Mac. You can then drag-and-drop items with touch, use an on-screen touch bar to change settings, and keep any window open beside your Mac for extra screen real estate. Your Mac comes with Automator, a handy tool to organize files, run timed events, resize photos, and more. Want to automate even more of your work?

These handy apps build on macOS's built-in tools for powerful ways to work faster. The right-click menu is one of the most powerful parts of Mac and PC apps, hiding a wealth of additional options behind an easy-to-remember button click. BetterTouchTool takes that to the next level. This unique app lets you set what happens whenever you click multiple times with your mouse—and on a trackpad, it lets you set actions for each corner, multiple finger gestures, or force touch click. Say you want to quickly close a popup window in Safari. You could set BetterTouchTool to close a window whenever you 3-finger click on it.

Or perhaps you want to click once to get a specific menu option. You could set the top left corner of your touchpad to select that option directly.

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Or you could have it recognize a drawing on the touchpad—a square, say—to take a screenshot if you wanted. BetterTouchTool also works with the Touch Bar on newer MacBooks to add custom buttons and options to the always-on toolbar at the top of your keyboard. You can also use it with a companion iOS app or the Apple TV remote to, say, change slides or run custom options with a tap. As a bonus, BetterTouchTool also makes it easier to arrange your windows side-by-side. From the Window Snapping tab in its settings, you can enable Windows-style options to drag a window to the top of your screen to maximize it or to the sides to have it take up half your screen.

BetterTouchTool Price: Only want the window snapping tools? To quickly open apps and files, run automations, expand text, manage the clipboard, and more. Press space before you start typing to search through your files, too. Behind the scenes, Alfred can do more than speed up search. It includes a Snippets feature to expand common phrases as you type in any app.

You can make your own or download popular workflows to add Evernote notes, control Spotify music, upload files to Dropbox or an FTP server, start a timer, check the time in another timezone, and much more. Alfred Price: Hazel makes sense of files for you automatically. Others files have common names—including scanned documents, screenshots, bank statements, and more—that need better names and to be saved in specific folders.

Music, photos, videos, eBooks, and other media might need to be imported into other apps with their metadata. Macs also come with a free, built-in automation app: It too can move files and keep things organized, albeit with less detailed options than Hazel.