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And even macs had "fast processors". Airparrot works fine for Airplay to get past the "limitations. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. Got a tip for us? Let us know a. Send us an email b.

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Anonymous form close x. To play music from third-party music services like Spotify to your HomePod, you don't need an iOS device -- a Mac will work too. You can send any audio playing on your Mac right to your HomePod, and not just audio from iTunes. By default, audio settings aren't available on the menu bar, so you'll need to fix that. Open up System Preferences. Choose Sound.

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Select the "Output" tab. Check the "Show volume in menu bar" box. To do so, double click on the HomePod, which should be named after the room that it's in.

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Click on the volume button in the menu bar. Under the "Output Device" list, choose the HomePod, which is labeled as the room that it's in.

Mine is Office 2, because I have two AirPlay devices in my office. With the HomePod selected as the audio output device, all audio from your Mac will be sent to the HomePod.

You can't pick and choose -- every sound from your Mac will be played on the HomePod instead of on your Mac's speakers. When using the HomePod this way, as an external speaker for the Mac, there's no option to use Siri to do things like skip songs. AirPlaying from iTunes For the most part, you need to use the audio output settings to AirPlay music from a third-party service to the Mac, but if you're playing content from iTunes, you can use the built-in iTunes AirPlay controls.

Open iTunes.


Play a song from Apple Music or your music library. In iTunes, click on the icon. Select the HomePod icon. Related Roundup: Please do! Thanks for the help! I was able to get my headphones connected to my mac. I will keep those instructions in case I need them later. Everything seems to be working fine now. Headphones - Archive: Go to solution. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Accepted Solutions. You will see a progress indicator a rotating wheel , and after 10s or so, the Zik item will move to the top list, with a "Connected" status.

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It succeeded as soon as I did step 2 above plug the Zik in the Mac. This step should not be necessary however. It might have helped because this provided power to the Zik.

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This suggest: By pressing it, you can enter a pairing code, always "" four zeroes. To pair the Zik 2.