5 Useful Tips on Making A Film Trailer

Click that button to see a preview of the trailer that uses Apple-supplied footage. Each template has its own visual style and title style, along with a unique musical score. Double-click a trailer or select a trailer and click the Create button , and the Trailer Editor pane opens at the bottom of the iMovie window. Each slot indicates its length and the kind of shot it is—a close-up image of one of the characters your child, for instance or a landscape, wide, medium, group, or two-shot a shot that shows two people in the frame. It will automatically occupy the slot, and it will last for exactly as long as the slot allows.

When the current slot is filled, the next is selected.

iMovie for Mac: Create a trailer

Keep selecting and clicking to fill the remaining slots. Should you wish to preview your work, just place your cursor before the beginning of the first slot which is likely the studio credit and press the spacebar. The trailer will play in the Preview pane.

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Shot List: You can also preview clips by scrubbing your cursor over them. To replace a clip you can simply drag another clip over it in either the Storyboard or Shot List tab. Or, if you like, select the slot and click the Remove icon that appears in the top-right corner of the slot. Click the Audio icon, and you can turn on the audio track for that clip.

Working with a trailer

By default, clip audio is muted. Click the Adjust icon that appears in the bottom-left corner of the clip to reveal the Clip Trimmer. In the Project Themes window, select a movie trailer theme. You can preview the theme in the right by double-click it. Here you can customize the trailer project name, set the aspect ratio and frame rate of the movie trailer theme. A brief info of the movie trailer template and how many cast members it features appear below the viewer, which can help you decide which movie trailer template to use. Fill in the information, such as movie name, date, etc on the iMovie outline tab.

Just click the existing name or words and type new text to add your information. Please make sure no blanks are left.

How to make movie trailers on mac

You should fill in all the information because iMovie incorporates what you type in the fields into the trailer. Click the Storyboard to add your video and text. Drag and drop your video clips from the Event browser onto the placeholders to make a movie trailer in iMovie.

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You can replace the placeholder text with your own as you like. Just click it and type your own text over it. If you've already imported movies into iMovie, you can select it from the Event Library. Now, go to the Shot List tab. Drag the video clips you want to be included in your movie trailer to the placeholder.

How to create iMovie 10 trailers

Click one of the play buttons in the upper right corner of the Project browser. Full screen preview is also available. Or save the project to your Mac for viewing on your portable devices. Use this complete all-in-one video toolbox to convert, edit, enhance, download, burn, organize, capture, and play any videos on your Mac.

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    More Products. All You Have to Know about iMovie: How to Create Movie Trailers in iMovie iMovie comes with the new feature of movie trailers which enables you to make Hollywood like home videos with ease. Step 1.